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Love Love Love!

The BEST podcast! I am enjoying the whole cast and the lady at the end “butchering” The Thomas the train theme song in her “ darkest hour” is a delight!

Ballarat Talent!

What a treat to listen to this Ballarat production. Loved that people all over the world have been able to listen to the podcast. It's been a real comfort during the tough times of 2020. Well done to cast and production team!!

Top Notch

I’ve enjoyed listening to this theatre’s rendition of Pride and Prejudice. This is a top notch performance! I’m waiting for the next season and hope that I don’t have to wait long!!

Absolutely Brillant

I absolutely love this podcast. They’ve brilliantly balanced having a narrator reading the story with actors reciting the lines. I wish every audiobook was just like this! I hope the show continues after P&P with maybe their rendition of another Jane Austen story.


I am loving this and wait with baited breathe for the next installment. Thank you for lifting my spirits during this crazy time. The acting is amazing and I see the show play out in my minds eye as I listen. Thank you for lifting my spirits! Well done, well done, bravo!!

Love love love it

It is so fun to listen to this dramatization. The actors really bring the story to life, and we were already in a Jane Austen novel, so I didn’t think it could be even better! The actor who plays Elizabeth nails it- fantastic performance.

Charming AF!

I am not exaggerating when I say that this lovely podcast has offered me a renewed appreciation for Pride and Prejudice. Upon starting it, I found myself opening the book again, and rewatching all iterations of the film. Thank you very much, Ballarat National Theatre and the ladies who make this podcast possible!

So much fun!

Really enjoying “reading” the book again with this wonderful group of performers. Delightful!

Sweet and Enthusiastic

I was excited to find this podcast! All the actors are so enthusiastic about the story, which is so important for Austen’s work. Thank you for doing this! ✨✨✨