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A Different Take

This is such a fresh and original production. I’m really enjoying it. The actors are excellent and they bring a slightly different interpretation to some of their characters’ dialogues than we’ve heard or seen in other adaptations. Just when you think there’s nothing new to discover in Austen, along comes this delightful surprise. Can’t wait for Persuasion!


This is such a fun way to listen to Austin’s work! The actors are amazing!

Beyond Expectations

Perfect, by any means.


This podcast is very well done. The actors are talented, and the music adds a lot. It is true to the story, with hardly any changes in the script. I highly recommend it!

Lovely rendition of the Austen classic!

I absolutely loved this podcast! It brought to life Austen’s words beautifully. I will probably listen again and again.

This Show Makes Me Perfectly and Incandescently Happy

Pride and Prejudice is one of my absolute all-time favorite stories. I love the book, the 2005 movie, and the 1995 show. So imagine my surprise and my delight when I discovered this podcast. The story of Pride and Prejudice is very comforting and one of my many happy places. It helps me to stay positive and optimistic, and it also helps me to stop stressing. Thank you for making this amazing podcast that I can take with me anywhere and everywhere. Yours Truly, A Delighted Fan

I’ve Listened a Dozen Times!

Yes, this audio play is my happy place! Well done, all! Bravo and a million curtain calls! A delightful place to dwell during the current pandemic. I anxiously await your version of “Persuasion” - my favorite novel. The acting is over the top wonderful. Kudos and break a leg!

What a joy!

Bravo and repeated standing ovations for all of you! What a wonderful thing to do to give people joy and peace during the pandemic. It is enthralling, compelling and well acted, directed and edited. Congratulations and a huge virtual hug for a job excellently done!

Most satisfying version ever!

For fans of the movies and book, this takes the cake! So many things that made me grumpy about fave screen versions were answered so well by this production! I got excited by the story again.❤️ Book fans—they included all the book bits that never seem to make it to screen! Eeee!


This podcast draws in your attention & transports you into the presence of the story! I highly recommend it.

Amazing Podcast

This podcast got me through long rides to work during my most stressful moments this year. The actors were amazing and I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing work pulling this together. Thank you for some peace within a pandemic-filled morass.

Fantastic production!!

I just finished listening to the whole podcast and am actually very sad it's over. I may just listen again. The production is engaging and captures the humor and drama of the novel so well. I hope this stays on apple podcasts for a long time!!


I enjoyed It very very much. I' m Italian, now housewife waiting for retirement. While ironing, cleaning, cooking, time has passed so well. Thought I could do some listening exercise, came out I could enjoy a real theatre show. Thank you!!

Simply Wonderful!

A late discovery (March 2022) but a most delightful one. The audio editing and the performances are incredible. I enjoyed it more then the basic reads of the book. Listened on spotify but would purchase to have whenever I felt like reading/listening to the book. Wish there was something like this for Persuasion or Northanger Abbey etc. Standing ovation to the everyone involved. Also, appreciation to the end credits! haha!

Simply sublime

I have enjoyed every episode of Pride and Prejudice. The actors have done a marvelous job of bringing Jane Austin’s novel to life in all its glory. However I have to admit that the woman at the end who reads the credits is my favourite. I have enjoyed all her witty little asides and her rendition of the Game of Thrones theme when she ran out of music had me laughing out loud. I have also enjoyed the cameo performances of her little kitty. Well don’t BTG

Pride and Prejudice

Wonderful acting with your voices. The best that I have heard. I felt each moment like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfully literature.


Well done ... dynamic and engaging !

Absolutely love it!

Thanks for making such a great dramatized full cast for pride and prejudice! I really enjoy listening to it! P.S. the voice of Elizabeth is really similar to Jennifer Ehle, the “Lizzy” in the 1995 bbc mini series. Love it!

Absolutely delightful!

Love the acting and sound effects. Fabulous! I just had a baby, and am grateful for something fun to listen too. Thank you.

2 in 1 - Fabulous! To the very end…

What an incredible reading of Austen’s Pride & Prejudice by a very talented group. I cannot wait for them to do more (please don’t ever stop!) Then on top of the beloved story, the out … credits 🤔- our mystery lady tells you who performs in each episode and may entertain you on the way - well worth listening to every single second 😁 (Thank you mystery lady - you have had me laughing out loud in some episodes)


I've read the book, watched 3 versions of the movie and the BBC miniseries and this team with their podcast really impressed me! I love listening to it while I'm driving! Love the little touches with the background "noise" i.e. you can hear dishes clinking when the characters are eating, background music, etc.. really makes it feel more realistic. So very glad I happened across this! I love Pride and Prejudice so much I named my daughter Pemberley! Keep up the great work!!

Breathing New Life into Austen's P&P

This was a delightful rendition of an old favorite. The energy and enthusiasm of the performing readers was so enjoyable that at times I almost felt like I was listening to the story for the first time all over again.

Comforting Escapism at it’s Finest

Absolutely loved this and couldn’t wait for the next episodes to arrive! Has totally reignited my love for the novel and is so well executed by the actors. My first dramatised audiobook and I’m hooked. Feel lost now I have finished it, I hope we get treated to another soon!

One of the best podcasts

I really loved it. I always had trouble reading the book, but this podcast was super easy to listen to.

Love your work!

I loved this! In lockdown 6.0 this podcast has been something that I look forward to listening to and it has made me smile. You have brought characters that I love and adore to life in fresh way. Thank you and please make some more Austen podcasts!

Love this!!

Thank you so much for all of y’all’s hard work on putting this podcast together. I enjoyed all 30 episodes and can’t wait for more. Also the credits at the end were hilarious. I loved the singing and rude interruptions of the crows and cat lol 😂 thank you again


Love this podcast! It's so nice to have the cast read the book so well, I have never read this book before. Listening to this podcast while reading it helped me so much in understanding the expression and tone that and how beautiful this story was. Thank you so much !

I adore this story! And the outros get me every time!

A podcast I didn’t know I wanted

What a delight to listen to. I had been wanting to re-read Pride and Prejudice recently as I have been watching both the movie and miniseries lately but wanted to feel even more details that Austen wrote so well. This podcast allows me to experience this greater attention to detail while I do other work. The narrating is excellent and the quality of the voice acting improves every episode. The people reading Elizabeth and Jane I think particularly capture their characters well. I particularly am fond of the outros and cannot bring myself to skip any of them. What a pleasant find.


This adaptation is delightful & witty, and the quality of the audio and the actors is fantastic. I am particularly partial to the outros...