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Aug. 3, 2020

Pride and Prejudice | 12. Visiting Rosings

Pride and Prejudice | 12. Visiting Rosings

Elizabeth visits the newly married Mr and Mrs Collins in Hunsford and the whole party are invited to call on Lady Catherine de Bourgh at Rosings Estate. Chapter 28-30.

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This episode features the voices of Olivia French as Elizabeth Bennet, Shannon Nicholls as Mr Collins, Ebony McClain as Charlotte Lucas, Nicholas Barker-Pendree as Sir William Lucas, Alana Denham-Preston as Maria Lucas, Ryan O’Connor as Mr Darcy and introducing Jolan Walker as Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elly Krieg as Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

This production is directed by Liana Skewes, narrated by Olivia French and adapted for audio by Elizabeth Bradford, Olivia French and Liana Skewes.

This podcast was produced by Ballarat National Theatre on the lands of our traditional custodians, the Wadawurrung people. Cast recordings were made in the lands of the Wadawurrung, Bidjigal and Bunurong people. Ballarat National Theatre acknowledges and pays respect to our traditional custodians and to their past, present and emerging leaders.

Elizabeth BennetProfile Photo

Elizabeth Bennet

Olivia French

The heroine of Pride and Prejudice and second oldest sister of the Bennet family of Longbourne. Fond of walking, quick-witted and known for her fine eyes.

Colonel FitzwilliamProfile Photo

Colonel Fitzwilliam

Jolan Walker

Mr CollinsProfile Photo

Mr Collins

Shannon Nicholls

Lady CatherineProfile Photo

Lady Catherine

Elly Krieg

Charlotte LucasProfile Photo

Charlotte Lucas

Ebony McClain

Maria LucasProfile Photo

Maria Lucas

Alana Denham-Preston

Mr DarcyProfile Photo

Mr Darcy

Ryan O'Connor & James Ao

Sir William LucasProfile Photo

Sir William Lucas

Nick Barker-Pendree