Sir William Lucas

Nick Barker-Pendree

Pride and Prejudice | 12. Visiting Rosings

Aug. 3, 2020

Elizabeth visits the newly married Mr and Mrs Collins in Hunsford and the whole party are invited to call on Lady Catherine de Bourgh at Rosings Estate. Chapter 28-30. Love the podcast? Support us by purchasing some of our a…

Pride and Prejudice | 11. Jane's Real Friends

July 27, 2020

Mrs Bennet's brother, Mr Gardiner and his wife, arrive for a visit at Longbourn. Mrs Gardiner observes her niece's growing attraction to the dashing Mr Wickham and weighs in on the matter. And soon after, Jane returns to Lon…

Pride and Prejudice | 10. Another Proposal

July 21, 2020

Mr Collins is determined to see out his visit at Longbourn, regardless of his reject proposal, and intends return to Huntsford on Saturday. But Charlotte Lucas has designs of her own. Chapter 22-24. Love the podcast? Support…

Pride and Prejudice | 8. Netherfield Ball

June 29, 2020

Mr Bingley and his sisters visit Longbourn to extend a personal invitation to a ball at Netherfield Park. Elizabeth looks forward to the prospect of dancing with the dashing Mr Wickham but other suitors vie for her attention…

Pride and Prejudice | 3. On Horseback

May 25, 2020

Elizabeth narrowly escapes from a dance with Mr Darcy, whom she has sworn never to dance with, and Jane gets ill after being sent to Netherfield in the rain. Chapter 6-7. Love the podcast? Support us by purchasing some of ou…