Caroline Bingley

Marli van der Bijl

Pride and Prejudice | 21. Meet Georgiana

Nov. 4, 2020

Lizzy is introduced to Darcy's younger sister, Georgiana, and gets to know her and Darcy by socialising with them at Pemberley. Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst are the same as ever. Love the podcast? Support us by purchasing some…

Pride and Prejudice | 9. Mr Collins Proposes

July 14, 2020

The morning after the tumultuous Netherfield Ball, Mr Collins makes an offer to Elizabeth and is somewhat surprised at her response. Jane receives a distressing letter from Caroline Bingley. Chapter 19-21 Love the podcast? S…

Pride and Prejudice | 8. Netherfield Ball

June 29, 2020

Mr Bingley and his sisters visit Longbourn to extend a personal invitation to a ball at Netherfield Park. Elizabeth looks forward to the prospect of dancing with the dashing Mr Wickham but other suitors vie for her attention…

Pride and Prejudice | 5. A Turn About the Room

June 8, 2020

Darcy realises that he is in love with Elizabeth, while she finds herself surprised by him. Miss Bingley also marks Elizabeth as her enemy. Chapter 10-11. This episode features the voices of Olivia French as Elizabeth Bennet…

Pride and Prejudice | 4. Dirty Stockings

June 1, 2020

Elizabeth is stuck at Netherfield with company of mixed pleasure and boredom while she tends to her sister, Jane. She briefly entertains liking the Bingley sisters, but then they open their mouths and confirm how terrible an…

Pride and Prejudice | 3. On Horseback

May 25, 2020

Elizabeth narrowly escapes from a dance with Mr Darcy, whom she has sworn never to dance with, and Jane gets ill after being sent to Netherfield in the rain. Chapter 6-7. Love the podcast? Support us by purchasing some of ou…