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At the start of 2020, Olivia and Liana had no idea that the majority of their year would be spending an incredible amount of time working in-depth with Austen's famous work: Pride and Prejudice.

The two co-creators met through their local theatre company and have done many shows together including a stage performance of Pride and Prejudice where Olivia played Lizzy and Liana played Jane. The experience was a joy to them and their fellow cast so when 2020 became a volatile experience, they all reached back to Austen's work for comfort, joy, familiarity, and friendship. It was from this connection of the cast that the idea of adapting the novel started the journey of the Pride and Prejudice Podcast.

Similarly, Ballarat National Theatre, like most theatre companies, saw their entire 2020 season cancelled. They were wondering what they could do to bring much-needed joy to their community. They had never done an online production of any kind, but when Liana and Olivia shared their audiobook idea, the company decided it was just what was needed and the rest is history.

The novel Pride and Prejudice has long retained the fascination of modern readers, consistently appearing near the top of lists of "most-loved books" among both literary scholars and the general public. This digital adaptation is incredibly faithful to Austen’s original work, with modifications to the classic tale intended only to create dialogue for characters where previously there was only narration describing conversations and to enhance the listener experience. They have given voice to poignant moments and hilarious misunderstandings, as well as provided insight into the hearts, hopes, and true natures of these treasured characters. Olivia and Liana in adapting the story have endeavoured above all, to preserve the truth and spirit of the beloved classic. It is their hope that you will be transported to Austen’s world, as they have been.


Co-creators - Olivia French and Liana Emmerson
Director - Liana Emmerson
Assistant Director and Narrator - Olivia French
Production Manager - Elizabeth Bradford
Production Assistant - Marli van der Bijl

CAST (click the character for Episodes)

Elizabeth Bennet - Olivia French
Mr Bennet - Chris Hiscock
Mrs Bennet - Liz Hardiman
Jane Bennet - Liana Emmerson
Mary Bennet - Kirily McKellor
Kitty Bennet - Amelia Pawsey
Lydia Bennet - Daisy Kennington
Mr Darcy - Ryan O'Connor and James Ao
Georgiana Darcy - Tess Parker
Colonel Fitzwilliam - Jolan Walker
Charles Bingley - Paul Roberts
Caroline Bingley - Marli van der Bijl
Louisa Hurst - Lana Spencer
Mr Wickham - Elliott Gale
Lady Catherine - Elly Krieg
Mr Collins - Shannon Nicholls
Charlotte Lucas - Ebony McClain
Sir William Lucas - Nick Barker-Pendree
Maria Lucas - Alana Denham-Preston
Lucas and Gardiner children - Pippa Asome
Mr Gardiner - Tim Murphy
Mrs Gardiner - Ang Cuy
Mr Denny - James Wait
Mrs Reynolds - Mary Rose McLaren
Mrs Hill/Mrs Phillips - Emma Wood
Butler- Jordan Ryan

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